Annual Star Wars Room Builders Holiday Greeblie Exchange

How Does It Work ?

Welcome to the 2023 Holiday Greeblie Exchange! To participate, fill out the entry form below before December 15, 2023. Limited to the first 50 applicants. Each person will be both a Recipient and Sender. You will receive an email with your Recipient’s name and address shortly after December 15. You then have to send your Recipient 3-5 Greeblies (value not to exceed $25.00) to arrive before December 31, 2023. You will also receive a package of greeblies from your Sender. This contest is for US residents only. If you would like to organize a Greeblie Exchange in your country or region, contact the admins for details.

What Next?

Once you receive your package, lay out the contents and take a picture of it. Post the picture to the Star Wars Room Builders group on Facebook. Let the rest of us try to guess who sent them to you! If we get stuck, give us some hints. Hopefully, you get some cool stuff you can use in your next prop build. Have fun, and May The Force Be With You!

The entry period is now over.