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Scum and Villainy Aquisitions

I discovered this amazing Star Wars maker online, and it turns out we live near each other! He makes amazing helmets and armour, is an enthusiastic Star Wars fanatic, and overall great dude!  Check out his shop today!

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Props and Villainy

Renowned throughout the Galaxy for his custom control panels and other props, Kelly Sterne has a knack for the Star Wars aesthetic. He often integrates lights and sounds into his one of a kind creations. Great accessories for your room build, con booth or man cave!

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Whitey's Wicked Workshop

David White makes amazing reproductions of the iconic Star Wars toggle switches to help you make realistic looking control panels and displays.  He is also a 3D modeling wizard, with a growing collection of Star Wars lights, props and greeblies.

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Nerd Armour

Nerd Armour is your one stop shop for all things Lightsaber. They have everything from Youngling Trainers to Master Series blades. And while your there, check out their Armour and Cosplay accessories or grab a cool looking logo shirt or hoodie.