Ewok Control Panel

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What if Ewoks made a control panel?  This was my premise as I created this High End Art Panel, complete with sounds and lights.

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I love making themed Star Wars control panels!  The idea for this came to me when I wondered what might happen after the battle of Endor.  What it Ewoks started collecting and using left over Rebel and Imperial technology ?  How would it look?  I did a mash up of high tech with Ewok primitive building methods.  And this is the result!

  • Handcrafted with premium materials, such as rich Corellian Leather.
  • Incorporates the Outer Rim LED Controller to create the random blinking lights at different rates.
  • Includes 4000mAh dual output rechargeable battery for long periods of operation.
  • Magnetic charge cord included so you can charge the panel battery without having to remove the panel from the wall!  Just like on a high end laptop!
  • 12 unique Ewok sounds.  Top button plays one of 10 random sounds.  Middle button plays the Ewok celebration song, and the bottom button plays the Ewok battle horn.  Call the Padawan’s to dinner with the battle horn.
  • Loud clear sounds, thanks to 3.7W Class D digital amplifier, and high resolution speaker. (This is not your father’s cheesy greeting card speaker)
  • Wood details made with genuine Endor native tree branches.

This item cannot be returned.  All sales final. Message me if you have any questions before ordering.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 4 in


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