Fusioncutter SoroSuub M1


Whether you are repairing medical droids or turrets on the battlefield, every mechanic in the Galaxy needs a trusty Fusioncutter ! This model from SoroSuub is a mini version, made exclusively for precision work. Because of it’s smaller size, it is the preferred fusioncutter for some of the Galaxy’s more diminutive mechanics such as Jawas, Ugnaughts, and Anzellans. (Think Babu Frik)  Add this to your tool box today!

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The Galaxy can be a rough place, and knowing how to quickly repair speeders, ships and droids is a must for anyone hoping to stay one step ahead of the Empire.  Add this Fusioncutter to your tool kit, to make sure your ready for anything!

  • Made from high quality industrial RF Fittings and Connectors.
  • One of a kind, unique configuration.
  • Heavy heft in your hand like a real tool.
  • Friction fit pieces allow disassembly and re-combination.
  • Micro-focus lens for precise work.
  • Features warning decals
  • Unique blue core. (LED lights could be added here)
  • Length 8″ X 1.125″ Wide

Note: May come disassembled so it can ship in a smaller box. Because of friction fit elements, it may not hold up to the rigors of cosplay. Best used for display purposes only.

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Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1.125 × 1.125 in


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