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Millennium Falcon Heads Up Computer Display Video

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Have you ever imagined what a computer screen on board the Millennium Falcon might look like?  Well, you no longer have to imagine! This custom made heads up computer display shows 4 major ship screens, including Navigation, Death Star Attack Sequence, Captain’s Log and Flight Controls. It is complete with realistic ship sounds and beeps. Play it on a loop on your favorite monitor to add realism and excitement to your Sci-Fi themed room or display.  It includes the following element details:

  • Deflector Shield Status
  • Sub Space Frequency Scans
  • Navicomputer settings
  • Sub Light Engine Status
  • Boarding Ramp Status
  • Escape Pod Status
  • Passenger Manifest
  • Hyperdrive Status
  • Docking Bay Assignment
  • And much more!

The video is 3:00 minutes in length and the resolution is 1080p. When you purchase, you will be able to download a pdf document with download instructions. Video is (c) 2021 The Outer Rim and is for personal use only.  It may not be sold, shared or modified.


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