Razor Crest Found Part Greeblie – Pair


This is the actual found part used on the Razor Crest ship from the Mandalorian series!  Now you can own a real piece of the Star Wars universe !  This is not a replica.  Reference picture is from S2 E6.  I discovered this part on March 5th, 2023 while working on a construction site. I have a few extras which I am making available for a limited time. Grab yours now!  This Is The Way!

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This is an actual found part used on the Razor Crest ship from the Mandalorian series.  I picked these up from a dumpster at a construction site, because I thought they looked interesting.  I thought it would make a nice greeblie, and in fact, I attached one to my recent Rebel Comm Station prop. It wasn’t until a few days later (March 5, 2023) that I was looking at reference pictures of the Razor Crest, and I noticed them on each side and the top of the Navigation screen!  I had studied these when I was replicating the HUD display for my Razor Crest HUD Video. I had a small rush of adrenaline knowing I had just discovered a found part of the Star Wars universe.

Add these to your next control panel or prop build to give it that authentic Star Wars look.  This is not a replica, and I only have a few to share, so don’t wait. Grab yours now!  This Is The Way!

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